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Whatsup guys, Im Nash; And my ride is a 97 ls400. Im 16 years old, straight out of the 403. I got a taste of the luxury life early on - when PoorForm member, Landon, built his is350, better known as the "UJELLY"  Lexus. I knew i was about that life.. When i was introduced to the PoorForm guys, i learned a few things about the club right away. They do shit legit; That means no fake parts, no ghetto mods, and deffinitly no fucks given. This was enough, as shortly later i purchased my first car, my 1997 UCF20( with every option from the black leather to the nakamichi premium sound system). That ride height had to go, so mah nigga Jimmy hooked me with some HSD's. Other little stuff like HID's and LED's up front, plate frame, and tint were done. Its not much now, but there are big plans for my love this year. Still being in highschool slows the build, but every pay cheque brings me closer and closer to my ultimate goal.  Though it may NEVER compete with the other forum members LS', like them, everything will be done right,  with only legit parts. Thanks for taking a second to check it out! Stay proper.

HSD custom coilovers
12000K fog & main HID's
LED corners
Nardi wheel & Worksbell hub awaiting arrival/install 

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Yo i hear your car looks like shit and so do you. LOL Welcome


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The cutoff exhaust, what about the cutoff exhaust.
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