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Hey guys, little late to the show but I made it. Site looks good!, props to the creators! Will be nice chattin with people I'll actually meet in person, and I'm looking forward to some good meets and cruises this year.

I guess I'll introduce myself. The names Andrew and I like what most call 'old people' cars. Got a taste for luxury cars back in college and have since come to appreciate comfort, reliabilty and build quality more than performance numbers on paper. I've bounced around between a few good cars, one of the most memorable being a Lexus Sc430 which got me hanging around this crowd of pavement smashers with the same love of vip inspired cars.

Got a new project in the works, not as well built or comfortable as the lexus but I think it's beautiful. The E550 coupe is already off to a decent start, got some HRE's for her, new steering wheel, and Jimmy's got an lsd coming for me. Next is some kw's, tires, and we'll go from there. Will post some pics eventually, hopefully you guys will still have a beer with some euro trash and we'll be seeing each other soon!

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Fiinnnaallyy! Glad your here Andrew. There will be many good cruises and meets this year. More than last summer.

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the sad thing is you are not the last one...

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Glad to have you here man
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